National Museum. Vestbanen. Oslo

National Museum at Vestbanen. Oslo

Concurso / Competition

Localización / Location: Vestbanen, Oslo, Norway
Proyecto / Project: 07.2009
Cliente / Client: Ministry of Education and Culture
Arquitectos / Architects: Fernando Pino & Manuel G. Paredes

Head on clouds and feet on ground
We dream of a building with his head in the clouds and feet on the ground. The National Art Museum of Norway NMAAD recalls what it contains but it is also an efficient construction. Combining poetry and pragmatism. The space between the soil and cut down the roof becomes a new place for the city. Lets negotiate the boundaries between indoors and open the museum next to it. Accommodates and gives respectful space to existing buildings that are part of the package as part of the texture Building from the bottom. The ceiling vessels containing exhibition space blanket NMAAD public. The public space underneath serves as a huge hall full of urban activities. Lets join the unevenness of the complex plot of a particularly clear and simple way of understanding for the public
The empty space is not a residual, which is never over, it’s about what every tour. The vacuum is tridimensional.It forces us to look up and down to throw our eyes in all directions, setting a new visual and conceptual ligatures.

Large flexible exhibition spaces in the clouds, the altitude at which it is not only possible to exploit the solar maximum, but is also one that the city uses to signify its important buildings.This strategy allows us the to open the site towards the public space of the port attached to City Hall. The feet are occupied by the program that needs a better relationship with the city. At this level, incorporating the existing buildings on the site as part of the set of smaller pieces that touched the ground. These feet provide support and communication vertical branch to the exhibition halls, the library and the rest of the program accessible to the public.

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